Thursday, January 13, 2011


Sutra home spa provides you a D.I.Y (do it yourself) kit variety of spa products. This is one of the most famous way to enhance beauty by asian lady especially Malay women in Malaysia and Indonesia.There are three steps used traditionally to enhance beauty.
1)First is body scrubbing known as 'lulur'- once a week.
2)second is body masking known as 'pupur'- once in 2 weeks.
3)Third is the uses of scrub soap - daily use.

The uses of these products can reduce the scratch marks,removes dead cells,enlighten the skin tones, avoid pimples at the back of your body,moisture up your skin,avoid dull skin problem and solve many other problems.

These products is under 'Safah' brand name and it is so natural no perfume added. The manufacturing process is under the specific ministry supervision.

There are 7 types of lulur (body scrub)(60g each):
1)Cinnamon and Kaffir lime
2)Sensation pineapple fruit
3)Fantastic coffee bean
4)Green peas and centella
5)Uplifting pure rock salt
6)Amazing coconut fruit
7)Vit-C Royale Roselle

4 types of pupur (body mask)
1)Exotic fruits and herbs (50g each)
2)Purify soy bean (50g)
3)Papaya smoothie (500g)
4)Red Royale Roselle (500g)

Natural Body soap (100g each)
1)Yellow soy bean scrub soap
2)Black coffee bean scrub soap
3)Brown Cinnamon scrub soap
4)White coconut scrub soap
5)Red Roselle scrub soap
6)Green Bean Scrub soap

Body bath & soak
1)cocos soy milk soak (600g)
2)Himalayan Rock salt spa soak (150g)
3)Safah Herbal spice treatment (250g)

Beauty Oil
1)Lavender & grape seed oil (800 ml)

Herbal body compress
1)Safah Herbal pillow compress (1.2kg)

Home spa kit set
1)Safah Gebu Berseri (6 pcs and gift)-1 box

Face spa series
1)Herney Sinus candle -1 box (50 pcs)

so, if you would like to know more about these products don't hesitate to e-mail me at . Thank you.